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Sage and Sweetgrass


We are dedicated to providing an audio source for the American Indian languages. The original languages were an oral language, and thus, the oral version is our main emphasis. By preserving the language, we preserve the culture

The dictionary listings are available in four options. Two pages are for searching using an English letter or word, either for words beginning with a letter or word, or for words containing an English word or phrase. These alphabetical pages are sorted by English word. The other two search features are available in the English to Lakota or Lakota to English (for example) type pages. These search pages list more details about a word than is displayed in the alphabetical pages.

Both page types have the audio feature available. Please be patient when listening to the audio, as it takes a few moments to download each audio file. Click Listen to hear.

We have occassional problems hearing our audio files when using Internet Explorer 9. If we select the plain Internet Explorer 9 (32-bit) program, the audio works well. The audio does work with Internet Explorer 10 (64-bit). Our pages work well with Chrome and Safari.

We suggest using Windows Media Player as your default program to play MP3 files. QuickTime does work as well.

Creek (Muskogee/Mvskoke)
Koasati (Coushatta)
Lakota (Sioux)
Seminole (see Creek)
Taino (Puerto Rico)

Due to the Microsoft update KB912812 in April 2006, certain Active X controls required to listen to the audio files in our dictionary require an additional mouse click to play the audio file. You will see a message "Click to activate and use this control." Just click one more time on the play button and the audio file will play. Our web designer is working to simplify this for you. If you are using browsers such as Slimbrowser or Firefox, this issue may not be applicable. This Microsoft update is the result of an ongoing patent dispute with Eolas Technology and the University of California.


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