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Lakota Language Dictionary
Under Construction

Our dictionary, however, is under construction at this time as words, image files, and audio files are added and updated frequently so please visit us often.

The dictionary listings are available in four options. Two pages are for searching using an English letter or word, either for words beginning with a letter or word, or for words containing an English word or phrase. These alphabetical pages are sorted by English word. The other two search features are available in the English to Lakota or Lakota to English type pages. These search pages provide more details about a word than is displayed in the alphabetical pages.

Both page types have the audio feature available. Please be patient when listening to the audio, as it takes a few moments to download each audio file. Click Sage and Sweetgrass to hear.

When searching, enter the word or beginning few characters of a word. When the search word is found, if the Lakota word on the second line is displayed, then you can assume the audio for this word is available. To understand how the English to Lakota page is used, we suggest a search for 'horse' or 'come'. Verbs such as live, here, come, hungry, and want have the complete conjugation in the dictionary to help understand the grammar of the language. When searching Lakota words, the ƞ (nasal n) is just entered as a n.

We must also suggest paying close attention to the nomenclature of the word. Often, words that are used as both a noun and a verb will have different spellings for each.

Since we can not safely display the fonts necessary for the Lakota alphabet, the Lakota spelling is a graphic file. The Lakota search word is spelled using normal English characters and is used when searching for the Lakota word.

All links above are functional, but we have not fully edited the dictionary for correctness and accuracy. Also, we are have not uploaded most of the image files for the Lakota spelling nor the audio files for listening to the Lakota word. If you do not find the words you are looking for, please come back or email us with any suggestions.

We are using the "Everyday Lakota" dictionary for the inital build of our dictionary database. A through C are complete. We intend to expand the online dictionary using "Lakota Dictionary" which has twice as many words. We also want to include phrases, as well as verb conjuncations.

On December 13, 2012, the Rosebud Sioux Tribe approved Resolution No. 2012-343 whic established the Official Rosebud Sioux Tribe Lakota Language Orthography. The Sicangu Lakota Pronounciation Guide is listed below.


Nasal Vowels
Nasal Vowels
Diacritics: consonants that use diacritic marks sound different from unmarked consonants.

Please be patient while an alphabetical listing page loads. The Lakota spellings are image files and this reduces the load time.

Here's a sample.

English Listen Lakota
My name is (your name) and my relatives, I shake your hands with good feelings in my heart.
Sage and Sweetgrass
Sage and Sweetgrass Sage and Sweetgrass

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